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July 26, 2011



I had to laugh reading the first part of your post - sounds like what's happening around here - the mess, the not leaving home, etc. This project has never been about making it look like something it isn't - it's about whatever is real for you right now.


Well that sounds pretty exciting to me! I bet you wouldn't want to swap for my toddler wars today :) Would you? Please? LOL

I'm doing it too, but have been pretty low on photos so far. I'm trying to make notes thought, so at least I can document the stuff I couldn't grab the camera for.


:) I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't lead an exciting, picture-perfect life. I decided to tackle Week in the Life this year using iPhone pics and the bits and pieces of info I manage to type into the Notes app on my phone as I live out a (mostly) mundane workweek.

Michele H.

i wasn't going to do it either. my house is a mess, the kitchen & bathrooms need a cleaning, i'm not cooking anything special and so on. but then i figure this is life for us right now...might as well:) kinda gives me an excuse to tidy up:)


This is a weird week for me to document too. I'm on vacation and just wanting to hang out and read and scrapbook. I figure it will be different than last year and there will turn out to be some treasures in the pictures.


i'm at home all week too and didn't think i'd have anything worth writing about....but several pictures later, it turns out there's some good stuff in there, and if nothing else, it's making me get dressed each day. i love your story!


So glad Ali could tweet you into capturing your week or at least a day. This isn't going the way I planned either and I'm going to keep marching forward and just remember that not all days are good one and that's life. you did a great job. I think Ali is totally awesome and sweet too.


I took this class from Ali too. I surprised myself it just what you do when you are home doing nothing special.


I love that you are doing this - and I love the screen shots! :)


I hope you have fun with it! You deserve the fun in the midst of the chaos! The webinars have sounded great and such a fun a fun addition to all the materials at Masterful! You constantly blow me away with you developing and growing!

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